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Praise Break! Our Quarantine Gospel Playlist

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Open up your Apple Music SIS because it't time to get your praise on!


These past few months have been crazy to say the least. Many of us have literally been in the house since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and we don't know about you but we don't know what we would've done without our (virtual) praise and worship.

We compiled our first playlist of over 2 hours of some of our favorite gospel songs that have gotten us through these tough quarantine days and we hope it will lift your spirits as well.

You can find the playlist for download on Apple Music by just searching SIS Everyday or "Quarantine Praise Break".

Check out the entire playlist below:

  1. Your Great Name - Todd Dulany

  2. Miracle Worker - J.J. Hairston

  3. Everything Will Be Alright - Isaiah Templeton

  4. I Choose You - Kierra Sheard

  5. Manifest - Bishop T.D. Jakes and the Potter's House Mass Choir

  6. More Than Anything - Sunday Service Choir

  7. Settle Here, Part 1 - William Murphy

  8. Settle Here Part 2 -William Murphy

  9. The Anthem - Todd Dulaney

  10. I Am - James Fortune

  11. Make Room - Jonathan McReynolds

  12. It's Yours - Jekalyn Carr

  13. It Has Been Established - Jekalyn Carr

  14. No Ordinary Worship - Kelontae Gavin

  15. It Ain't Over - Maurette Brown Clark

  16. Amazing -Ricky Dillard and New G

  17. God Blocked It - Kurt Carr

  18. Shifting The Atmosphere - Jason Nelson

  19. Send The Rain - William McDowell

  20. Your Spirit - Tasha Cobbs Leonard feat. Kierra Sheard

Let us know your favorite praise and worship songs that have blessed you during this time so we can add them to our next playlist!

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I am so proud of you, Robin!


Aunt Leslie

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